Centaur | FEBUS
Hippotherapy center for handicapped or injured children, saving horses from slaughter house, dog shelter, summer camp, Awaking people to connect to animals and nature again.
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About This Project


Born: 2008

Breed: heavyweight

Mother: unknown

Father: unknown

Sex: gelding

Color: black

Febus is the newest and youngest inhabitant of our stable. He is being trained for hippotherapy and already srarted working with the children.
Febus adores children and is very patient with the young disabled riders. But put a saddle on him for an adult rider and Febus becomes a naughty child.

Febus is rather a dog than a horse. He gets attached to people easily and absolutely loves being petted and scratched. More than being caressed Febus loves eating. Be careful if you enter his box when there is plenty of hay in front of him: Febus will protect his hay pretending he is attacking and is going to bite you.