Centaur | MASHA
Hippotherapy center for handicapped or injured children, saving horses from slaughter house, dog shelter, summer camp, Awaking people to connect to animals and nature again.
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About This Project

Born: 2009

Breed: mix with Pomeranian

Sex: female


Masha is another survivor in our big family! Someone abandoned the puppy in a half-ruined cow-shed condemning her to death but there was another destiny prepared for her: we found her by chance.

Masha cannot live alone; she has to see people, dogs, and other creatures-no matter of what species-around her all the time. This little cute creature is the greatest territory defender among our dogs. She raises the boys up when there is another dog on our territory with non-stop barking and as soon as the fight starts she slips into the nearest hole and hides 🙂 Masha is a dog with whom people get rid of their fear of dogs. She invites you to play and accepts no rejection; she climbs on your knees and demands to pet her, and you can endlessly embrace and squeeze her, Masha will just be happy!