Centaur | Adopt dogs
Adopt, sponsor, play or volunteer for recused dogs in Yerevan, Armenia. Our friendly dogs are looking for a warm house with nice people.
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We have 42 rescued dogs. They all have their horror stories behind but now live safe and happy. You can support them by donating here.



Some of our dogs are available for adoptions. They are spayed, vaccinated and trained to live in the family!



Dreaming about a dog but have no place to keep them? Become a “parent” of one of our dogs just sponsoring their month/year food!



We run a dog shelter of forty-two permanent dogs and the strays for adoption. Most are involved in therapy with handicapped children. We foster stray dogs and cats, provide them with treatment and rehabilitation, spay/neutering, and then rehome them. We take old dogs, mainly abandoned by owners and let them live happily until the end of their lives. In the past few years, we have rehomed over 300 stray dogs.


We also have 2 cats, a turtle, and pigeons. All our animals are rescued from the streets, neglectful owners, or the slaughter and all are involved in animal therapy.