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Hippotherapy center for handicapped or injured children, saving horses from slaughter house, dog shelter, summer camp, Awaking people to connect to animals and nature again.
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Get involved

Volunteer for Centaur!

Volunteer support is essential to our organization and our 44 animals. Centaur is always looking for volunteers to help us throughout the week. Working with animals is not an easy job at all but it is always enjoyable and rewarding.

What are volunteers asked to do?

There is always plenty of work to be done at the center. We have 6 horses, 34 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle and a pigeon living at the center. The types of things you will be asked to do include:

grooming the horses, helping in feeding and watering them, assisting the trainers in taking them out, clearing the riding ring, helping us with disabled children at hippotherapy sessions;

brushing the dogs, helping to clean their enclosures;

helping to maintain the stable and the area – cleaning the place, building something, renovating the stable and the trailers;

participating in administration work, raising funds, promoting the center.

If you do not know how to do these things, and most of our new volunteers do not know, we will teach you!

Benefits of volunteering

You will get to know each and everything about horses. We will teach you horseback riding. When you become experienced enough in riding we will teach you how to work with the horse on the ground.

Your balance, strength, and coordination will improve. Your all immune system will improve. You will lose weight and become more fit since the tasks you perform are mainly tough physical work.

You will get splash of love from our extremely friendly dogs.

You will enjoy hanging out with us which is really a big fun!


We welcome all volunteers but for a work with horses we are looking especially for those who plan to volunteer on a regular basis. Working on a casual basis does not allow time for you to learn how to properly treat the horses and dogs, how to ride and handle the horse well enough to be able to help us with hippotherapy. We prefer our volunteers commit a minimum of one full day in a week.

If that sounds like an interesting project for you do not hesitate to contact us by phone and e-mail.

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