Centaur | LALOSH
Hippotherapy center for handicapped or injured children, saving horses from slaughter house, dog shelter, summer camp, Awaking people to connect to animals and nature again.
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About This Project

Born: 2011

Breed: mix with Caucasian Shepherd

Sex: male


Lalosh appeared at our place from nowhere, with a deep wound on his head. It happened at the second night after Nessie, our much beloved risen schnauzer died. Perhaps sounds silly but we took Lalosh as a message from her and never had enough strength to send him away even though we had enough dogs at our place.

We named him Lalosh (naughty) because he is too spoilt and playful. You absolutely cannot get angry on him, it is useless – he just ignores it. He will come to you as slow as only he can, will rub his muzzle against your knee and you are done. Lalosh is extremely calm and extremely brave, does not fear even a bear, checked!