Centaur | Team
Hippotherapy center for handicapped or injured children, saving horses from slaughter house, dog shelter, summer camp, Awaking people to connect to animals and nature again.
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Centaur NGO was established in 2008 and was the first to introduce hippotherapy and then dog therapy into Armenia. Centaur is a place where humans and animals live together in harmony with Nature, while the handicapped get the most amazing rehabilitation in the world, animal-assisted therapy. We combine various activities in our center.

We provide rehabilitation for physically and mentally afflicted children and adults through horse-assisted therapy with the help of our six horses. We also help private owners with their “difficult” horses, some even at the edge of being put down. We save horses from being slaughtered and rehome them.


We run a dog shelter of forty-two permanent dogs and the strays for adoption. Most are used for therapy with handicapped children. We foster stray dogs and cats, provide them with treatment and rehabilitation, spay/neutering, and then rehome them. We take old dogs, mainly abandoned by owners and let them live happily until the end of their lives. In the past few years, we have rehomed over 300 stray dogs.


We also have 2 cats, a turtle, and pigeons. All our animals are rescued from the streets, neglectful owners, or the slaughter and all are involved in animal therapy.


We organize summer camps for the children and teenagers. In these camps they learn to take care and commune with animals, including grooming and feeding horses and dogs. We provide education about the way we think animals should be treated – with respect and understanding of their needs. Here we promote communication of handicapped children with their non-handicapped peers which still remains a big gap in the Armenian society.


In cooperation with the World Vision Armenia we organize seminars on hippotherapy, dog therapy, animal-adoption, and animal treatment in rehabilitation centers, universities, schools, and kindergartens.


We are located in the ancient village of Ushi, some 35 km form Yerevan, with direct access to fields and mountains and no geo-contaminating facilities nearby. Animals live here in their natural environment. We do not train them, we build a relationship with them. They are not used, they are part of the family. Within seven years of our existence few hundreds of children said their first word, made their first step, dramatically improved their balance, gained self-confidence, and/or self-esteem thanks to our horses and dogs. Numerous people regain their harmony with nature and its creatures. Countless animals were saved and rehomed.

We have built our center with the generous help of an American-based Armenian philanthropist Mr. Herman Hintirian.

Having no support from the Government or any State body we rely on the donations, small grants, and providing horseback riding lessons.



A perfect blend of craziness, enthusiasm and dedication – this is what our team is. We all are volunteers, be it a permanent staff or fabulous people coming on our way, spending with us from few days to years and always bringing something new and important to Centaur. Both from Armenia and all around the world, we share happiness and sorrow, hard work and leisure. We all are different and not blood-related but together we make a big family – Centaur family.

Our horses were trained by professional horse trainers, champions of Armenia on fence jumping Boris Podorovski and Andrey Podorovski who are also co-founders of Centaur.